Shingle Preservation in Erie County, NY

Restore & Rejuvenate Your Roof to Avoid a Costly Roof Replacement!

Double the Life of Your Roof

Serving Erie County, New York

Bright Green Roof’s shingle preservation technology will help you gain back valuable life from your current roof, while also restoring the original color and enhancing protection from the elements.

Plant-based Eco-friendly Shingle Preservation

Our product is a plant-based additive system with asphalt anti-aging properties designed to replenish the bitumen (oils) within your aging shingles, turning it back to its original state – just as it came from the factory.

Avoid a Costly Roof Replacement

Until now, the only option for home and business owners with an aging roof was a complete and costly replacement. Bright Green Roof’s customers now have the option to preserve their aging shingles at a fraction of replacement cost!

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Restore & Rejuvenate Your Roof

For a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof

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Add Valuable Life

Each treatment will add 5 to 10 years of additional life to your roof. If your roof is in good condition, and is re-treated every five to seven years, three treatments can double the life of your existing roof – saving you thousands!

Our treatment solution also provides appearance enhancement, protection from the elements, and slower granular surface loss.

Restore Color & Appearance

Shingle preservation will restore the original color and appearance of your shingles and roof.

Enhance Moisture & Wind Resistance

Restoring pliability and lost oils provides protection from the wind, rain and hail.

USDA Certified Biobased Product

Our product is non-toxic and has been certified by USDA to be 100% biobased content.

Each Application Adds up to 10 Years of Additional Life to Your Roof
100% Active Solution. Every Drop of Solution Activates & Restores Your Shingles
5-Star Reviews from Homeowners in New York and Across North America

It Costs Less Than You Think!

Keep Your Hard-earned Money in Your Wallet

Each shingle preservation application costs a fraction of a full roof replacement. Considering the rising cost of new shingles, roof preservation is a much more affordable option to delay or even avoid a costly roof replacement.

Shingle preservation is a great choice for homeowners who may be moving or downsizing in the future. Who wants to pay for a brand new roof that another homeowner will enjoy?

“Excellent Service”

Applied a coating to rejuvenate the shingles on my aging roof. Excellent service. Very professional and efficient. My roof has noticeably improved and I believe that it is a worthwhile investment especially with the cost of roof replacement today.

I highly recommend it it to anyone whose roof is coming close to the end of its life expectancy.

Patrick L, Homeowner

See the Bright Green Roof Difference

It doesn’t turn your roof green! It’s only green for the environment and keeps green bills in your wallet.

Preserve and Restore Your Roof Today

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